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5 Sex Positions Everyone Was Trying in 2019

Lazy Sunday

This year was all about making time to slow down, and Lazy Sunday was exactly what everyone needed. For this position, you lie down on your sides and face each other, then scoot super close and place your leg over your partner's leg so they can penetrate you. “You both have control over some movement, but this setup reduces your partner’s ability to pound too fast,” Nicole Prause, PhD, research scientist at Liberos, previously told Health.

Two lazy dogs

Another position that's all about unwinding in slow-mo: This doggy-style variation has you lying flat on your stomach, with your partner spread out against your back on top of you. “They can keep their arms extended in a push-up position or rest on their elbows, whichever is most comfortable,” Lisa Finn, a sex educator at sex toy emporium Babeland, previously told Health. You can zone out and let your partner take charge of the speed, or you can give them a break and move your hips in circles while they stay still.

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Woman on top plank

2019 was the year of female empowerment, and this move brings that energy to the bedroom. “Instead of the usual woman on top position that has you straddling your partner with your knees mostly bent, distribute your weight evenly on your forearms with your knees bent at a 45- to 90-degree angle resting on the bed between your partner’s hips and chest,” Jacqui Olliver, psychosexual relationship specialist at End the Problem, previously told Health. This should allow you to maintain a steady rhythm, moving in and out and up and down, without getting too tired and missing out on some serious orgasmic action.

Up and over

Spooning never goes out of style, but when it starts to feel too same-old, this tiny tweak can make a huge difference. While your partner is in the big spoon position, throw your upper leg back over their legs. “That will change the angle of penetration and make room for more rubbing and grinding with hands and toys,” Toronto-based Jess O’Reilly, PhD, Astroglide’s resident sexologist, previously told Health. Plus, your leg will sort of enclose theirs, cutting down on their range of motion so their thrusts become shorter and faster.

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