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GEMINI. Geminis have the biggest wardrobe among air signs. The influence of mobile Mercury affects frequent changes of mood for which the suitable clothes are necessary. The new suite allows Geminis to reincarnate, play another role for a while. Ideas of Geminis in a fashion horoscope are addressed teenagers, whose individual style feeling is only at formation level. The attention of Geminis to a fashion does not change with the years — it is all the same game for them. Geminis can look both effective, and careless depending on attention to the dress. They buy clothes casually and easily leave with them.

The fashion style of Geminis is neutral; it is a set of clothes in sports style, jeans, shirts, waistcoats, easy jackets. Not a color scheme or quality is important for this air sign, but his processing, ease, plasticity.

The mutable quality of a sign is shown in multilayered in clothes. The idea of this sign in a fashion represents suits «in college style», jackets-shirts, multilayered skirts with flounces, dresses in linen style with shoulder-straps-spaghettis, and also clothes for free time and playing sports. Men-Geminis choose democratic styles such as jeans, shirts, a sweater, waistcoats, and easy jackets. A jacket-shirt can replace a classical jacket in official conditions. Shorts, knitted shirts with a fastener-polo are carried on rest with pleasure. Footwear is easy, leather with lacing, or made from textile materials.

Accessories of this Zodiac sign happen the same not striking: scarves, various coulombs, the chains having symbolical value.


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