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Find the Perfect Pillow

You may not know this, but the way you sleep can seriously affect how comfortably you sleep. Although it may be pertinent to switch up sleeping positions, like if you’re pregnant, sometimes you just need the right support to make your preferred position more comfortable. Find the Perfect Pillow | LuxNightwear.com 

Supporting your neck properly with the right pillow can turn sleepless nights into a guaranteed good night’s rest. Back sleepers (which some say is the only way you should sleep) need a thinner pillow that has extra neck support at the bottom third of the pillow. Side sleepers should find a firm pillow that can fill the space between the shoulder and ear. And stomach sleepers need a soft, super thin pillow that won’t put extra strain on the neck. Find the Perfect Pillow | LuxNightwear.com 

If you think your pillow is right, but you still aren’t sleeping well, try paying attention to the position you wake up in, instead of the position you fall asleep in. You may fall asleep on your side, but wake up on your back, meaning the majority of the night was spent with uneven neck support. Find the Perfect Pillow | LuxNightwear.com 


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