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Today my very sweet husband sheepishly asked me if I would be open to sleeping in the nude more often, to improve spontaneous intimacy. He kindly implied that my ratty t-shirts from my high school softball team and stained sweatpants aren't exactly lust-inducing.

Since snoozing ala naturale is not my gig, I was hoping you guys could recommend some sleepwear that manages to be flirty but comfy. I like the idea of cotton shorty shorts and camisole sets, especially if they have a built-in sports bra. I need ultra-soft, preferably stretchy, and no buttons or snaps.

Yeah, honestly, OP, I'd have dedicated cute t-shirts for bed. Slim cut, not huge, soft, maybe lower neckline. Keep this fresh-smelling (either fresh from the laundry or Febreze), and wear with cute, cotton panties. I'd think that would go a long way.

Seriously, I don't understand people who buy a bunch of pajamas or 'sleepwear'. lingerie i get. loungewear I get. but who wants to sleep in uncomfortable lace or tight straps? cotton tank tops and cotton boy shorts are amazing. cute, comfortable and you can stock up on them pretty much anywhere.



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