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Support Your Spine

Adequate spinal support is one of the most important factors in sleep comfortability. If your back is not in a neutral, relaxed position, then your muscles will tighten up and that causes stress and pain. When your body is stressed and in pain, it won’t let you go to sleep. Support Your Spine | Luxnightwear.com 

In order to reduce that pressure, your spine needs to be in a neutral position. To do this, you may need a new mattress that offers support where support is needed, such as around the lower back and shoulders. Support Your Spine | Luxnightwear.com 

Woman sleeping on side with perfect spinal alignment with Purple

If you aren’t able to get a new mattress, you can mimic the support with pillows. Side-sleepers can put pillows between their knees to reduce pressure on their hips and spine. If you sleep on your back, try putting a pillow under your knees to align your spine better. Support Your Spine | Luxnightwear.com 


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