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Where should the journey to design a great bedroom begin?

With so many décor options available, a bedroom design project can often feel overwhelming. That’s why Drew and Jonathan advise some personal style introspection before you begin shopping.

Step one – create a vision board (hello, Pinterest!) with photos of furniture, bedding, paint colors, lamps and accessories you love. Once assembled, stand back and look at your selections. What theme emerges? Romantic, modern, classic, Euro-chic, glamorous or maybe even retro-cool? Let that be your style guide moving forward. www.luxnightwear.com

Next, it’s time for the start of the bedroom – your bed. It’s the anchor for your unique style, so choose a mattress that ticks all the boxes for your preferred style, support, and comfort. After all, we spend one-third of our lives in bed, right?

In an interview with AOL, Jonathan said, “The mattress is the most important investment because it’s the piece of furniture you use the most in the entire house, so making an investment for luxurious sleep is important, but it’s also a psychological thing – choosing specific colors, palettes, textures, all those different things help make for a better sleep as well.”

He added that your bed is the centerpiece of the room and should have some eye-catching features. That could be a gorgeous upholstered headboard, sumptuous bedding, pillows, and a thick, luxurious throw blanket, set against a wall covered in reclaimed wood, beautiful wallpaper or painted in a calming shade.  www.luxnightwear.com



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